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Default Re: Can't decide on a background

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
None of them are appealing. Maybe this will help you some. For a real white background try using some posterboard and placing it next to a window or outside to take your pics. If you are outside try taking pics when there is an overcast in the sky. If you are looking for an appealing background then try using scrapbooking paper. There are so many to choose from and you can find something neutral that will go with everything you make. Try to steer away from busy backgrounds as they will draw attention away from your product.

You can always edit your photos for free at This is a great place to do free editing and making a watermark for your photos.
Not much point in learning picnik when they're shutting it down in a couple months..... but with the white you do want it to look crisp and clean.... better images sell your product better...... Scrapbook paper works as long as you pick the right paper.... take a few bows with you and check out how it looks.... if you aren't immediately drawn to the bow, or a focal point on the bow, thats the wrong background... if you keep looking from the bow to the background to the bow to the background, thats not a great choice either because people are drawn to both and it is distracting their attention away from being pulled in just by the product..... Alot of people think damask looks appealing as a background but in all honesty, the pattern just drives attention between both and you lose important points on first impressions....
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