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Default Re: Cut ribbon for puffs and other things 100 times faster!!!

how do you make sure that your ribbons don't slide around as you cut them???
Originally Posted by rhondam View Post
Great idea but I cut mine FOUR TIMES FASTER.

Worked in the same fashion you do but instead of laying down one ribbon then cutting, I decide what color combination I'm going to use in my puff and lay all four of those ribbons across the glass at the same time. I use my metal ruler so I get a straight cut then swipe/swipe/swipe. Sixteen ribbons cut (4x4) and I set up my board again and do it all over again & again & again. Works like a charm. Better yet, I have my DIL to do all this while I sew the puff together. I guess that would mean I actually don't do the cutting at all.

I only cut up to 4 across because I seem to do better with that number. If I work with more then 4 it seems the ribbon will slide and that leaves me with uneven sizes for my cut ribbon.
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