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Default Re: Who needs Cupid?

Originally Posted by ashleycurtice View Post
My baby girl is already coming up on 16 months old........... drives me nuts to know that my last baby is growing up what feels like even faster than both her brothers....... They grew up at a fast pace, but i feel like someones got the fast-forward button going as fast as it can with her.
I swear the first one seems little longer because you don't realize the changes so much-dont know what to look for. Then each one after you know what stages are ending and starting, PLUS, the younger ones seem to learn faster from watching the older ones, and trying so hard to be like them. Totally heartbreaking. My third boy is growing WAAAAYYYY too fast....and now we are due for the new one (a girl) and I fear I will blink and miss it!!

That song "Don't Blink" fits here. Ok, now I must go sob.... Kidding (sorta....)

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