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I just recently looked back at photos I took of some of my early bows. At the time I really liked them, but now I see how much better I am. Those were from about a year ago, and when I went to sell at bazaars for the first time this Christmas, I only pulled out a small handful of them to add to my display. It's really amazing what research and practice do for you skill level.

I would recommend doing a LOT of research on the internet and here on the board. Go to Etsy and look at what is popular there. Find some styles of bows that you like, and learn how to make them. Then, learn how to make them better. Also, find some local craft shows in your area and look to see what kind of competition is out there. Look at how the vendors display their items (not just the bow sellers.) What catches your eye? Are the booths full or sparse? Organized or haphazard? What is easiest for you as a customer to shop in?

I took in as much information as I could find about selling at bazaars before I did one, and it truly paid off. My first booth was in a tiny school gym with only about 20 or so vendors total. There turned out to be seven other booths with hair accessories there, but mine was by far the most organized and professional looking. My sales were amazing considering the size of the event, and the others barely sold any product.

If you are itching for the experience, find a show with a small fee around $10-$20, so if you don't make it back you aren't out a lot of money. Bring everything you've got, and see what kind of response you get from customers. It can be a good learning experience.
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