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I agree with all of the above.............if you worry about someone not liking it, then obviously you have a problem with them.............dont even try to sell until you have no worries about sending them to a complete stranger. this is a very tough business. it takes years to get it off the ground, and countless hours perfecting your technique.....not to mention a ton of money for buying the different supplies, tutorials, etc.
As far as craft shows go, they vary. I have paid $15-$400 per booth, depending on the area and attendance. Sometimes I triple my money and sometimes I loose hundreds of dollars. its a gamble. but, you shouldnt even begin with a craft show until you are proud of your product............
i am no expert in any way. just some things i wish i knew before I started this biz. good luck tho!
I wholesale tutu hairbow holders, pony tail streamers, twisted boutique bows, pinwheel bows and satin singed flowers!! PM for details!
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