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Default Re: 5.5 inch Korker Bows

Originally Posted by mothermayi View Post
If you do them assembly line style, you can make them fairly cheaply...

for example,

*if you bake 100 korker rods for 30 minutes, and each rod has 5 cuts, and each korker has 30 pieces...that's enough for 16 bows, so that only averages about 2 minutes of cooking time per bow. KWIM?

Cutting/sealing 30 pieces with a woodburner takes maybe 5 minutes, and then another few minutes to sew them together and another 20 seconds to glue it to the clip...

If you only bake enough ribbon for one bow, then sure, it's gonna take way longer then 10 minutes, but who does that?
Thanks for the example...I couldn't imagine only baking enough for one. I mean the electric bill would be CRAZY then I would be charging $20 a korker because of that bill! lol nope not me!
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