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Default Re: 5.5 inch Korker Bows

I "stair step" my pricing on my korkers. Wow!! I sell my 3.5" for $6 they go like hot cakes. Like I sell my mini's 2.5" for $4 my 3.5" for $6 so I would sell a 5.5" inch for $8. Does that make since. I usually add $2. That's just what I do.
---Thanks for your advice I appreciate it!

Originally Posted by jazzysteph View Post
So - you are saying really that they cost $3.20 to make (including time and all that)....generally, I try to multiply by 75% ... so minimum I would do is $7.68...then if you sell them wholesale - you can sell them for 50% off and sell them for $3.84 (or $4) and still make money off your cost.

I personally would sell a 5" korker for $8 or more...maybe even $8.50

You don't want to lose money if you sell them up your retail pricing a bit. HTH
---Yes, $3.20 with time and all...oh ok I see...that makes sense...thank you!
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