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Craft tables vary a good bit, depending on where they are, how big of an event they are and how much advertising there is. Just a word of caution, the lower cost tables can sometimes be awful events because they aren't advertised events. I am very lucky to have a handy hubby with scrap supplies we can use, but I have spent a good bit of money on my stands and stuff just to have a set up that I can use all the time. I heard somewhere that figure about 3 times the booth cost is what you might expect to make. I've been luck and for the most part made over that, but I had one show that almost wasn't worth crawling out of bed that morning! It wasn't publicized much at all and was in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't that people weren't buying, there was noone there!!! And each show for me has been different as far as what people buy... very hard to predict what or how much to take.
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