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Post Anyone made this?

Hi there girls! I am wanting to make a feather tutu/dress for my daughter for Easter. I have made several tutus and was wondering if anyone had any success with adding the feathers, I have seen them all over Etsy and I am just drooling! She HAS to have one
Also I have never done a tutu "dress" is it the larger sized headband used for the top of the dress verses the small ones? Also what do you ladies put under the headband to hide your childs skin? I have attached some pics of examples any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated! I like both styles its just going to boil down to which one is easier to make

*Size of headband for top(she will be 7 months at Easter)
*How to affix the feather boa to tutu? If I just done the tutu instead of the dress I know I could sew it to the elastic...but without elastic I'm not sure I could sew it to headband??
*Should I use higher quality feathers instead of HL brand?

Wow question overload!

Thanks for any help!
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