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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Originally Posted by barleymom View Post
Ah, exactly what I do only my ribbon iron is also plugged into it. Our bedroom is upstairs and if I can't remember at night if I turned it off or not, I can just look out the sliding glass door down to my workroom window and check it. (Assuming the bulb hasn't burned out!)

I don't use a silicone pad. I have a glue gun holder since it's a pain to have to constantly move the stand on the glue gun back and forth. I line the *supposedly* non-stick plastic pad in front of the holder with non-stick aluminum foil. I also clip bows over the non-stick foil after I've put shelf liner on them so I don't have to spend any time holding them down. And when I make a ribbon rose, I hot glue across the bottom and press it onto the foil. Just so many uses for that foil, hot glue just pops right off!!

Lighters - I use the Scripto Views because I get the least amount of soot with them. (Maybe it's a different type of fuel than other lighters I've tried?) I put a rubber finger tip thingy over my thumb before I flick the lighter. It not only makes it more comfortable to flick it, my thumb stays clean and cooler than if it was not covered.

Oh, one last tip for now, if hot glue falls directly on the top of a finger, do not pull off the glue right away, it will pull off your skin with it! Yeah, I found that out a few years ago. I'm guessing it would be better to cool it under very cold water first and then remove it. I don't know for sure as I haven't done it since. And I think your fingertips will get acclimated to the hot glue after a while. After years of making bows, I was at my in-laws for dinner once and my b-i-l who was an auto mechanic and I ended up shredding the hot, hot chicken for enchiladas because we were the only two who could handle the heat on our fingertips. LOL
The foil works, but wax paper does too...i keep a roll of wax paper in my craft room. I use it when ever i'm hot gluing or if i have to spray paint anything because i can paint the edges and it will pull right off when dry and not take the paint with it!
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