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Default Re: my woven heart

Originally Posted by 1luck4mama View Post

TY. I have been going crazy looking for tut for these. I love it. Now let's see if I can make one.

Glad I could help!! :-)

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
i forgot to come back & clarify/use more words! when i said i use 2 pieces, i double the length of your measurements . . . usually both pieces are 9" and then fold each length in the middle (and put a tiny piece of d/s tape) and then interlock them = this forms the bottom of the heart & there's no cut edges showing on the bottom. there's also enough to fold/glue to the back on the "under ones" as well as glue the "over" ones that end at the side of the heart = no raw edges.

did i use enough words this time - hope so!

oh okay i get what your saying. yeah i have seen this way done. might have to try that. sounds like it would be a nice uniform look. thanks!!
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