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Default Need help on a bridal fascinator

My friend's sister is getting married and wants me to make her bridesmaids head issue, I have done several weddings and I am confident I can put it together.


She sent me a photo of one she loves and wants my take on it. (I cant post it because I have no idea whose it is, nor where it came from- its like an iphone photo). I have no idea what one item is and even when I zoom in Im not getting it

Im hoping by describing it maybe someone can lead me in the right direction. They are loops, they look like stiff fabric?

I found this link, which looks similar but they don't look that thick so Im thinking maybe not fabric/ribbon wrapped

Then I saw this: wasn't that a type of ribbon someone did a buy on? Crin? something like that

Maybe sinamay (sp?) fabric rolled? Where do you buy that?

If you made it this far thanks for getting through my!
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