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Default Having a problem with bottlecaps

I made and printed some bottle cap images. I took everyone's advice and sealed them with clear nail polish but for some reason some of them smear and some don't. i coated them a few times. glued them to the bottle cap and let them sit for a few days then i mod podged over them and they were fine. let them sit for a few more days and put the resin over and all of a sudden some of them smear. This has happened every time i make them. A few are fine but a few are messed up. don't know what i am doing wrong. I did make sure to coat the front back and edges of the images.

If it helps I am using HP premium 5x7 photo paper and an HP PSC 1510 inkjet printer. I would just get them developed but there is no way to convert my document to a photo that i can see on my computer.
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