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Default Re: Need recs for die-cutting machine and cover-button press

Originally Posted by LINDAMAR
Dede I agree with you...your machine work very well...
If you ever need samples of our new stuff (or anything else)... please let me know!

Originally Posted by casemarten
What is the Dritz tool you are talking about? I know Dritz makes the little plastic parts (like the ones I currently have) - do they make a hand-press tool?
Actually, I did mean the little plastic tool. sorry... wasn't clear...

I will have to think about buying a machine like you sell...I was hoping for something more economical and I have no idea where I could put it! But I do want to make quality product. I LOVE fabric covered buttons and I don't know of any bowmakers around here that do them. If they take off, I may have a good enough reason to justify the expense to my hubby
Sometimes you can find good used machines and dies (retired upholsterers and dressmakers are good sources, for example). Don't let a little rust scare you away...
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