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Default Re: Need recs for die-cutting machine and cover-button press

Watch this YouTube video carefully - specifically, look at the finished button edges:

You get better buttons with the Dritz tool, and that's saying something.

"Home" button tools attempt to duplicate the machine, which has been around for 150 years - it's Victorian technology, built for generations of hard use. Dritz and i-Top buttons are made of softer metal, so they can be pressed by hand. Machine buttons are designed to be made, well... with a machine, although a couple of customers have reported success using the Dritz tool and a drill press. Also a sofa.

There are dies available for over 12 different button sizes, two snap sizes, rivets, ventilators, and 11 different grommet sizes. I stock eight different button backs. If you need brads, you can make them with our flat backs:

Our buttons work in all American button dies (and some European). I am always happy to help you with any used equipment you might find, or offer my professional opinion and advice.

Rather than add our new products to the website, we're re-writing the whole thing. Everything is scheduled to be introduced in April, including our new rhinestone snaps.

If the only felt shape you need is a circle, button dies include a round cutter that cuts stacks of perfect circles. Flowers? Not so much...
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