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Default Re: Need recs for die-cutting machine and cover-button press

Thanks Dede!

I looked at your site...basically I would prefer to not have to buy such a large (and expensive) press. I do fabric covered buttons maybe a dozen at a time, so I'm not doing volume nor do I have a crafting area to myself. But I really, really love the way covered buttons look! I use them as bow centers, on clips, bobby pins, ponytail holders...regular hair stuff. I wear them a lot myself

Do you know anything about the smaller hand-press type tools? I have been looking online and have found several that seem to be a cross-over tool from scrapbooking/making brads. Specifically, I am looking at the Imaginesce I-top tool that says it can make covered buttons, pins, etc.

Anyone tried this tool?? Or anything similar? Thanks
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