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Default Re: Barefoot Sandals??

Originally Posted by *Erika* View Post
I found this tut

I can't find the measurements though, as they vary depending on the child..
Thank You for the links!! Maybe I should just ask customers to provide measurements... although I would love to bring some to craft shows... I'm sure if I do enough searching I can figure something out.

Originally Posted by Jozel View Post
Why is the only baby at work going to be a boy???? Why, I ask you, WHY?? Is that fair when I keep finding such cute girl stuff!!! LOL
I know it!! I am having a boy too, and everyone that I know right now is also. I told my dh that I was still going to put bows on his head for modeling pics when he was a baby because no one would probably know the difference... He wasn't to fond of that idea though!!
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