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Default Re: How to attach satin rosettes to crochet halter top?

Originally Posted by manshan View Post
I would sew it, if it were me. (Like when I am adding things to the hats that I crochet, although I know that the crochet is different.) But I think I would sew it in the open loops right there where you want it, to be sure it was good and secure-I would worry that with it being stretchy it would not glue well as a top. But then, I could be wrong.

Where do you find the 5.5 crochet? I can only find 1.5" local, but then I am new to the area, so maybe there is a store I did not have back home.
I agree- glue does not seem like the answer but do I still make the cluster with felt and then try to sew it on? I just can't picture how that would work...trying to sew through the glued felt...

You can get 5.5" from any of the wholesale companies online. I've never seen them in stores...
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