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Originally Posted by raelin06 View Post
Let's say I go with the Big Shot. What the advantage to buying the Big Shot Pro? Is the smaller one that's 69.99 a good deal?
The Big Shot generally runs about $99 at Micheal's and Jo-Ann's. They tend to go on sale 40% off on a very regular basis bringing the price to $60. If you are lucky you can get it with a 50% off coupon of it's not already on sale and then only have to pay $50. Both stores tend to keep only one machine in stock at a time, so finding one can be a little tricky. But, Jo-Ann's has them online and almost always at the 40% off price and then get free shipping if they have a current code.

As for the Pro, it depends on if you plan to cut really large pieces and have a place to store it, because it is HUGE. Though it fits all other Sizzix dies, the selection of Pro dies is still relatively small, and of course, more expensive.

If you are wanting a machine mainly for making flowers for hair accessories, the Pro is not necessary. The regular Big Shot is a very adequate size, and fits the majority of dies.
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