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Default Re: Anyone know how to make this type of "shredded" satin flower?

Originally Posted by blended6 View Post
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ok lets see if i attached this right, anyhow i did this one i got the satin material didnt measure of course i folded it in half and then made a wavy edge all the way through and did individual slits. Once that was done i opened it up and ran them over a candle to singe them then folded them back up and sewed on the bottom pulled together and glued them on felt. I wanted to add feathers so i did and i love it but now dont know what to do with it lol.
absolutely stunning! i've got a w/burner tool on my wish list & wondered if anyone has cut them out/singed at the same time.

and your link chippchick for the sash is equally gorgeous. lol on bias . . . it still gives a shabby look but eliminates long strings . . .

Bias grain is the thread line that is at a right angle to the lengthwise and crosswise grain of the fabric as it is on the bolt. The bias has stretch in woven fabric and will hang differently than a garment that has been cut on the straight or crosswise grain.

there's a pic here . . .
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