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Default Re: Cut ribbon for puffs and other things 100 times faster!!!

I do this too its great!

For the one I made I took the glass out of a picture frame (12x16 I believe) laid it down over a tape measure and marked across with a sharpie every 1/8" making 1/2" and 1" longer... basically I traced the tape measure.... then the came the tricky part of writing all the numbers backwards so I could see them clearly on the other side. I then used white duck tape and covered the edges (about 1/2") and the entire back.... for fear that one day, it might fall and crap.. this way I hope it won't shatter!

I keep a cheat sheet of my most used measurements going across... like for alligator clips (4.25, 8.5, 12.75... etc)

Its my permanent work surface, love it because not only can I heat seal and cut at the same time, hot glue comes right off!

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