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The bows on that site drive me crazy! If you are not a bow designer then you have no clue what the bow is "supposed" to look like. We like our bows LOOPY and perfect for photos. They also have to be turned a certain way. I walk into shops all the time where it looks like they took the bows out of a box and just shoved them on the rack. They are smashed, upside down and just plain ugly. A lot of moms don't even know how to put them in their child's hair either. When I see a little girl with a bow upside down, it is doing all I can not to unclip it and fix it. Maybe I am just too "anal"? lol

I was just in a store this past weekend and ALL of the bows were fraying! Whoever the shoppe owner purchased from did not even heat seal. OH MY
She also had them priced at $9.99 *Solid color 1.5" twisted bows ((That were fraying and NOT very "Twisted"))

Anyone else check out the bows in a boutique?? hehe
I'm all "I can make THAT and much better!"

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