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Cool No-Slip Clip Grips Sets

This is how I am making my No-Slip Clip Grip sets. I decided not to put the no-slip material directly on the clips because some people don't want it. So, my customers can buy this set for 0.50 which comes with 4 permanent stick-on strips and 2 removable slide-on tubes. I will show an example of each on an actual clip so they know what they're buying. It is extremely cheap and easy to do. Check out the photos.

All you need is:
A package of 100 2" x 3" plastic bags from HL ($1.00 on sale)
A package of 1.25" x 5 ft Magic Tub and Floor Sealer Trim from WM(about $4)
A package of Aqua Culture 8 ft Standard Airline Tubing from the fish section at WM (about $1-$2)
A package of Invent It Print and Stick Project Paper (I got mine from the $1 Store)
An inkjet printer for printing the labels, a pair of scissors for cutting grips, and a ruler if you wish for measuring pieces

All you do is:
1) Print labels, cut apart and stick to baggies
2) Put 2 pieces of tubing cut to 1 inch in each bag
3) Put 4 pieces of sealer trim cut 1/4 inch wide in each bag

As you can see from the photo, one of my sealer pieces isn't exactly cut straight, but that was my first bag.

Easy, quick, simple, cheap. I figure 50 cents isn't too much to see these for, but I might do 25 cents each instead. I don't know. Either way, they only cost me about 5-10 cents each to make.
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