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Default Re: Anyone know how to make this type of "shredded" satin flower?

Originally Posted by crazyhairbows View Post 1#!/photo.php?fbid=210872402278508&set=a.2056095728047 91.52712.179635958735486&type=3&theater

I think it is this kind of flower only it is singed.

Take a strip of fabric, I folded in over and over to make it shorter and than cut like a zig zag edge on one side and open it up. You could now singe the zig zag edge. Now just do a gather stitch along the straight edge and gather it up and tie the two ends together and you should have your flower.
Oooh, yes, this does look an awful lot like the flower! I think you're right! So...I'm a little confused about how and where to cut. Could you explain this a little bit more? Sorry...
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