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Default Re: Small Snap Clips / Clips for fine hair

You know, back when my sister was born (its been a few years, it was 1983 LOL) it was hard to find anything for little whispy baby fine hair. (Mom never had to deal with that before, I was born with a ton of thick hair!)

She hated people calling my sister a boy, so she actually used VELCRO!! She would make the bows (small ones worked great, I dont know how it would do with big bows) and sew them to the Velcro. Then she could use that to hold the bows in her hair, and it did not show, and they held AMAZINGLY well!! (Worked so well mom was sad when her hair was too thick for the Velcro!)

Just an idea in a pinch. I know you cannot do that for sales like this but might be something to play with.

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