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Default Re: korker ribbons?

Originally Posted by satingirl View Post
I know thereīs a few tutorials for how to make a korker ribbon, but Iīm having some problems.. I saw in other thread that I canīt find anymore that we could stiff the ribbon that isnīt 100% Polyester before put they on the oven, Iīm doing it with 100% Polyester ribbon too, but theyīre staying dirty after the oven, I think thatīs because the wood, Iīm using wood for barbecue, itīs correct??? ..
And when iīm handling the korker ribbon to do a korker clip for example the "loops" loose the form very easily... Why? Are they so fragile?
Anyone have some tips for me?
Thanks a lot!
Im sorry. I am having trouble understanding you post. Can you provide the brand name of ribbon and possibly a picture of the bbq wood you are talking about?

ETA: There are also videos on youtube that may help you.
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