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Default Does ribbon color matter?

I made a korker bow a few days ago in red, pink, and white. All of the ribbons are the same size, same brand, were wrapped on the same size dowels and cook in the same oven at the same temp at the same time.

I left it on the coffee table and one of our mischievous little pups grabbed it and ran off to play with his marvelous new toy. When I got it back, besides being a bit damp with drool, I noticed that the red korkers were almost straight again but the pink and white were still curled up so nicely. Do the darker ribbons have to bake longer?

I'm not real sure if color makes a difference or not. I know from sewing and embroidering, that the darker color threads are dryer because of the dyeing process and do best if stored in the cool refrigerator. Anyone else had this problem?

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