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Default Re: Double sided tape is junk!

Originally Posted by Tiara View Post
I bought one of those double sided tape applicators and used them to line 100 clips in various colors to use on my big bows. Today as I was setting out some new bows to sell, I noticed one of the clips had the ribbon separating from it. So I examined it further and sure enough, that tape wasn't holding.

I had to pull out my glue gun and go over all of them again! Just imagine a customer putting one in their child's hair after a couple of wears and having the ribbon let go of the clip because the double sided tape isn't strong enough.

That stuff holds for a while but it's bad when it starts falling apart after the bow has been purchased. Junk. Never again. I'm sticking with my glue gun.

I bought a roll of this stuff a long time ago too, and everyone said it was sooo good! I hated it too! I like my glue gun too! LOL
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