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Default Re: Photo Thieves....Ongoing Thread

So this chick stole a photo from me and others on Etsy so I check once in awhile on her....she still has these stolen photos up btw.

Here is a recent post on her page

Kissing Frogs

I work VERY hard at what I do...and I believe my prices to be fair for my materials and the time I put into making them. THAT being said, when I see someone take a photo of mine to have someone do the EXACT thing, its upsetting. You are taking something that I took time away from MY family to create, to have someone else do it for cheaper. I believe in karma, so I wash my hands of this...but please THINK of the business owner before you steal THEIR creations!!

REALLY????????? You stole photos from Etsy owners and after you were busted you finally took photos of your own EXACT thing that you copied of ours. These people are all fake a$$holes.....