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Default Re: How to attach flowers to a dress sash?

Originally Posted by mckenjs View Post
I use a felt backing...

Arrange your flowers in the conficuration that you want them (on top of felt) roughly trace around the outside edge... trim the felt so that the edges are nicely rounded and smooth...your flowers should overlap the felt slightly so the felt cannot be seen from the front. Lay the felt down...glue the ribbon on top. Glue the flowers/embeliishments on top of that...the ribbon should be sandwiched between the felt and the flowers.

It's exactly the same as making a headband and finishing the back with felt....but bigger.

Hope this helps!
Yes, what Janet said! Also, I would suggest adding a brooch bar to the flowers to make them removable from the sash. That way the sash can be laundered without damaging the flowers.

Best of luck! Bet she'll look beautiful!!
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