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Default How to attach flowers to a dress sash?

So, a good friend of mine asked me to make her a big flower for her hair for her wedding. No problem there--that's right up my alley. But today she called and asked if I could do smaller versions of the same flower on a sash for her to tie around her wedding dress.

I've never made a dress sash before, and I'm unsure of the best way to attach my flowers. If I glue them, I think you'll be able to see and feel the glue on the backside, right? If I sew the flowers directly to the sash, the stitches will show on the back side. I try to be very neat with my stitches, but no matter how hard I try, they're never very "pretty." So this isn't my first choice. I could cover the back side of the sash (and the stitches) with felt or something, but wouldn't that make the dress sash stick up a bit unevenly?

I'm curious how those who make dress and maternity sashes add their flowers and embellishments, and how they make the "backside" look? This one is for a friend, but she is paying me good money and I want to make sure what I make for her looks professional and lovely.

I'd really appreciate any help and advice, ladies. I'm really stumped on this one! Thanks!
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