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Default Why do people steal and think its ok???

This seller stole my pictures.
Calling her out as other bowmakers bows are on here too. I contacted her on facebook - where my pictures where and she blocked me and the others that asked from their picutres to be taken down.

I contacted, Facebook and Etsy.

I've been doing this for years and it still floors me that people 1.) Aren't original 2.) Steal pictures 3.) Have the guts to post them as their own 4.) Do not wirte their own descriptions.

The bow world used to be fun. Now lately (especially with facebook) its so over flooded with wannabe bow stealers it drives me bonkers! Anyhoo, just check and be sure she isn't stealing any of your work!

Happy New Year to my sweet bow maker peeps and to all you posers, blow it out your A$$
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