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Default Re: Birthday Pictures

Originally Posted by neferua View Post
Hi Everyone!! My little girl turns the BIG 1 on Wednesday and I wanted to take some birthday pictures of her and her older sister (30months old). Are there any tips that can be given to me? I find it hard taking pictures of my own children. When others do it, they listen and sit down (maybe in fear of not knowing the photographer). With me they always run around, move after I sit them down, everything under the moon But any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
The biggest help on keeping kids zeroed in for a first birthday, is a cake smash session.... get a nice sized round cake, balloons, noise makers.... whatever distractions possible to keep them entertained where you're taking photos...... get a friend or relative that the girls are familiar with, so that they can help you in getting them back in place if necessary and helping you get those precious smiles..... Show the older how to put a dab of icing on sissy's nose or whatnot.... or put cupcakes and let them eat cupcakes together, etc.... thats the best way to entertain children at that age.... yummies and toys!
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