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Default Re: Hot Fix Help, Please!

I actually thought about doing that last night, but haven't tried it yet. I would think you'd just put the jewel where you want it, then hold the tip of the woodburner on top of the jewel for a couple seconds. I have a hot fix tool and all it is is a flat tip that gets hot and you hold it on top of the stone. I think a wood burner would be more convenient because it stays hot, whereas I have to hold a button on my hot fix tool for a few seconds every single time I want to place a's annoying if you're doing a lot. My only concern would be the wood burner being too hot and melting the fabric or ribbon or whatever you are attaching the stone to. Matter of fact....let me go try right now and I will let you know

Oh, and I am not sure if WalMart sells the jewels, but HL, Micheals, Joann's and all of those places do.
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