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Default Re: ISO Tut for this type of flower!

Originally Posted by DaisyDee View Post
I've seen this somewhere, but I think I remember how it's made. You fold you fabric in half, and stitch for an inch or two, then place one stitch in the other edge before going back to the other. You would tighten your thread as you go along, and make as many petals as you want you flower to have. Diagram 1.

Taking a closer look at the pictured one though, I think she made four petals out of folded circles for the first layer, and just gathered fabric for the other two. Diagrams 2 & 3

you diagrams are great! the only thing i'd suggest is to lengthen the bottom running stitch to 4" or 5" (depending on the width of the folded fabric) . . . cause it's gotta have enough room to create the top curve of a 1/2 circle.

my guess is that she did it w/one long folded fabric strip . . . did the petals 1st and then continued on with just a regular running stitch.

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