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Default Re: Wood burning tool

I know some people use the glass from a picture frame (put that blue painters tape around the edges to prevent cuts) and a metal ruler to cut ribbon with their wood burner. Or a metal pan (that's what I use). The glass is a great idea because you can place it over your measuring mat (what are those things called? ) and measure each cut.

I have a wood burner, and used it a lot at first, but have slowly migrated back to my trusty old lighter. It's just easier to me. I never did figure out a quick way to cut/seal korkers with the wood burner. I got aggravated with having to pull apart the curl and lay it flat to cut each piece.

Oh, and to answer your last question, yes, when you slice your ribbon using the wood burner, it does melt the ends enough to prevent fraying. HTH

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