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Default Re: Having trouble with flipflops!!

I agree I don't wrap the straps of the toddler flops anymore either. And I also quit wrapping around the toe strap! I finally figured it out after looking at some high end sellers work that you don't have to do that! I also do not use nothing but e6000 on my bow flops. I put on my glue then I wait about 5 seconds so the glue gets sticky and the apply the bow.Then I use one or two of those LARGE plastic aligator clips (the colored ones) that stylist use and clamp it down real close to the bottom to hold until it dries. And this works great for me.
Then for fluffing up the bow I have little pieces of tulle or netting and wad it up and place it inside my loops and then spray with either starch or Aussie. Let it dry and then take out the netting or tulle and have nice fluffy bow and the best about this I can reuse the netting or tulle again and again and it stays stiff!
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