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Default Re: spikes!!

Ok, so I'm gonna try to put pics up. I hope I'm doing this right!!! I've never done this before, so bear with me!

First, line up your spikes. I'm using 5 4" spikes for this one.

Then, stack them up

Fold them in half and put your pin in the middle

Fan them out around the needle how you want them to lay

Fold them in half and use a clip in the center to hold them (because you're going to remove the needle)

Thread your needle and go up through the stack about a 14 inch in (you may have to go a little closer to the edge if you use 3/8 inch ribbon in the mix at all)

Tie the ends together tight

Take the clip off and open the spikes out flat. Put the clip back across the center and bring the ends of the string up through. Make sure you aren't going to tie the clip to the spikes

Once you have the top tied tight, remove the clip, turn them over and tie in the back.

Pull the ends of the ribbon out to straighten and flatten the spikes out and you're set
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