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Default Re: Question about twisted bows...

Originally Posted by DaisyDee View Post
I'm guessing you are using Ali clips with no teeth. I've had to adjust where I put them on the backs of my bows to keep one side from sitting higher. If you play around with it you'll find what works best. Also try to keep in mind that your customer probably won't even notice. I know that I am my own worst critic! The other option you might try it to use the Ali clips with teeth. The sides of these are usually slightly curved away from the top, so you wouldn't have the issue with the pinch part of the clip distorting your bow. HTH!
I am using ali clips, you're right, most people probably wouldn't notice. It was just drivingme crazy. Thanks!!
Originally Posted by my6girlz View Post
YES! it stays, and sits better when put in the hair, you don't see it "sticking up" I always add felt or shelve liner anyways and they stay put.
It hugs the head and looks straight, not one side higher then the other, this works awesome for flowers too

Now if I have a bow that has good creases under the bow, somewhere to "tuck" the "up" part, then I'll just lay the clip regular.
Great, thanks!! I thought it would work OK, but wanted to hear from someone that had tried it. Most of the bows I make sit just fine on the clip the way its suppose to go. But when I was trying these, I just didn't like the way it was sticking up. GOing to try it now. Thanks!!
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