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Default Re: Question about twisted bows...

Originally Posted by mommylikesbows View Post
Which method are you using to make your twisted bow?
I've tried every method and couldn't get it. I bought the BBM new snap templates and started getting it. Then I tried the figure 8 method witht a clip from Sally's and they turned out!!
Originally Posted by jadeblueafterglow View Post
The back of your twisted should have a flat surface there the folds are sewn and pulled together. If I saw a pic maybe I could tell what's happening. Maybe pull your loops and straighten out the center of the bow more
Originally Posted by 4bellas View Post
Yes the back of the bow should be flat so you would be able to lay & glue the clip on fine.
The back of my bow is flat. I'm talking about where the clip slants up, thats where my bow slants. SO I thought if I turned the clip over that would help it lay flat. But then I wasn't sure if the clip would stay in thehair that way. That was pretty much my question, had anybody ever made bows with the clip backwards?
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