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Originally Posted by Allicat Boutique View Post
Is there a way to cut and seal all in one step? I was debating on getting a wood burning tool, but I thought you could use it to cut the ribbon too. I use fray check right now.
Yes, if you have a metal template. I saw a link for one made specifically for notching ribbon, but it was like $18. Ouch. I have found that using a flat L-bracket from the hardware store works well, and then at a yard sale I found a little metal knitting stitch gauge with a corner opening that I now use. If you don't have a wood burner, I highly recommend getting one. It really makes things so much easier by eliminating an entire step. I use it to cut all of my ribbon, and it is fantastic. If you make ribbon puffs with all those little pieces they are a necessity! I can also free-hand with it to make elements for ribbon sculptures.
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