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Default Re: How did you learn to make Bows?

Originally Posted by my6girlz View Post

What did the Mom say about the bow being taken apart?

That rubbed me the wrong way, sorry had to ask.

Reminds me of the story of an preschool teacher who would always look at the child's clothing tags and "comment" on the brands, until one day the father wrote "mind your own business" on one of the tags, she never looked at the child"s tags again
Oh no it was nothing like that. I was and still am great friends with the family. The mother knew and the bow was put right back together. She was very okay with it because she only made simple bows and was very excited to see the different bows I have began to make. We began sharing idea's and ribbons. I would make the sculpted bows for her daughter and when she got old enough I would get her good deals on headbands so she could make those.
So all in all it was a great thing, nothing bad.
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