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Default Re: Brilliant Bow Maker

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
yup, i have posted on 3 different threads .

for example, on one of the threads - on the classic bow - i asked why my end/tail is longer than the other and doesn't look the same as her video where her 2 tails are equal-distance from the edge of the template.

i'm trying . . . and will continue posting ???s on the thread i linked above, since she started the thread.

I don't think she gets on here a lot. She will definitely answer when she see;s it. When I make the classic, I cut my ends to match after I make the bow. Does that make sense? Like if I'm making a medium size, i cut 15" of ribbon, make it the way she shows you. Then cut my ends in a v cut after the whole bow is sewn. HTH!
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