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Default Re: My First Wire Wrapped Ring

Originally Posted by alyxia View Post
Great idea Thanks for sharing...and they look really really nice

I tried my hand at wire wrapping before, but haven't yet tried it with buttons.

There are some (actually, lots) of buttons that I bought, that are pretty, but just doesn't seem to go well with the flowers/bows that I like to make.

So I might turn a few of those buttons into rings

I would say try it. I never would have even thought about using these buttons for rings until I was looking around to see what I could do with all of these buttons that I have. I never had done any wire wrapping before and I definitely could use more practice, but I am really having fun with these. I went in to a bead store yesterday to buy some supplies to make a bracelet with one of my bigger buttons and that bead store liked my ring, they asked me to bring all the button styles I have and they might buy some buttons from me.
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