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Default Re: Stunning... but how?

I know that when I make a no-sew tutu on 2" elastic, I put as much tulle on it as I can get - pushing it over until it won't push anymore. Then after I put it on my daughter or a dressform - I comb it down with my fingers upside down and the turn it back over right side up and viola!

So if you are trying to attach the tulle to an 8" crochet headband/tube top you wont get that same effect. There's not enough holes to mimic the amount of tulle tightly gathered on the elastic.

I suggest gathering your tulle on 1/2" elastic then whip stitching it to the crochet top with transparent or matching thread. Then put it on your dressform or child, add your embellishments, etc and see if you get the effect you are looking for.
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