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Default Stunning... but how?

I really really need help! I was inspired by one of our members tutu dresses and I decided that I would make my flower girl dresses for my wedding in March. I have been making normal tutus and the smaller crochet top dresses (babies and such) for about 2 years... but I CANNOT make it full enough without it looking bulky and gross!

This was the dress that I fell in love with. Now I dont expect trade secrets to be given away. I just want some help.

I have tried 2 strips in each hole and 2 layers up the headband (folded in half) I have tried a single strip in two layers on each edge and then folding them in half to make 4 layers.... I just dont know how and I am getting really upset with it. I simply cannot afford to purchase the dresses as stunning as they are...

I am also willing to pay for a tutorial if anybody has one available.
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