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Default Would it be acceptable for a photographer to..

Looking for opinions from boutique owners/sellers.

Would it be acceptable, in your opinion, for a photographer to sell your items after shooting them?
If it was just a simple product photo?
If it was modeled by their own model/child?
If they have a category for 'resell items' but it's not in there; instead listed with their other items?

How about this one.. What if you noticed they sold more than one but you only sent the single? Would you approach and ask for the item to be removed from the store?

Okay, so I have more would it be acceptable, in your opinion to use photos with your products to market their own shop? Lets say for example that the photographer has opened a tutu shop and has a photo of their model in your band and their tutu. They use it as the store's logo, on the opening page, in reserved listings. Acceptable?
I'm venturing a guess that this is okay with most boutique owners because many of us team up for shoots.

With many of my items I don't mind the photos listed on another site WITH logo and WITH my branding attached. But not sure how I feel about this. There was no discussion and I had emailed her a few months ago but she doesn't respond anymore.

Would also love to hear opinions about resale and ideas about how to get the best deal on both ends.. both sending items and for those who have them to list.. if you have any
happy holidays, btw.

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