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Default Re: Would You Want Tutorial for This?

Originally Posted by saref View Post
Thank you! I really like designing and I've been toying with offering tutorials and perhaps easing out of the retail part of it eventually. As far as being copied, you're 100% correct, it's all part of being online. It doesn't bother me except when they use my photos to sell what they make. Thanks again!
Yeah...that sux when that happens. All youcan do is make it harder for them to remove it. I dont know if this works...I need to try it: When you watermark you can do one letter at a time and then save the image layer. So when they try to remove it they have to keep going back to remove each letter individually. I read this on a photographer's personal fb page but have not looked into it.

It would be nice if something could be created to be placed in front of the product as your took pics.
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