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Default Re: Puffy loopy bow FREE how to

Here's a link this bow has been around a long time it's just a new twist on and old style.
But than just about every bow sold is a twist of something else, best we all stop making bow's cause someone else has already done it.

Second one is the type I got my idea from, Oh and what's it called.
I also used the idea from the 5 petal ribbon flower to string them together.

As to the photos same. I really don't understand what your point is this is how I make them. As I have said AGAIN and AGAIN I don't know what her photo's look like and if she is making them the same. Well obviously she is because YOU SAID THEY ARE the photo's would have to be the same. There would be no other way to show how this is made without these photo unless you didn't really what some to know how to make it.
Do you really believe that only one person could figure this out. I bet there are heaps they just haven't shared it. Who would on here when so many people who carn't do it themselve bag you because you can.