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Default Re: Puffy loopy bow FREE how to

Originally Posted by crazyhairbows View Post
People are still buying tut's for twisted bowtique bow's that have been around for ages and there are plenty of free instructions around for them.

I think it's more about those who bought the tut not want people who have not to know about how.
It was very easy to figure out how to make, to took me an afternoon to figure it out and make my instructions. I think the lady who is selling her instructions has already made a mint by the look of that thread and will continue to as people will still not be able to make it with my instructions and will go and buy it to see if they can with that.
After all paid instructions are better than free one's.

This bow is not really original it's the same type of bow as the paper one you stick on presents. Only dif is one is make with 1 length of ribbon and one is made with as may as you like. Well my instructions are based of the paper one anyway, the paid one may be different.
Here is the thing, your tut looks nearly exactly (of course the pictures are not as good) as the paid one. Are you honestly saying that just happened, that two people thought that the exact same pictures up with no help from someone else................we know it wasn't the person who made the one that costs money that was getting help so there is only one person left HMMMMMMMMM who is that oh yes YOU! You can get upset all you want but yours is just way to close to the original
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